On the Issues

Open and Transparent Government
I believe Richardson should strive to be the most open and transparent local government in the state.  Our citizens demand and deserve no less than full access to all legally open information related to the city.  To that end, I pledge to hold myself and the council accountable to the kind of high levels of ethical behavior and transparency that  I have consistently applied and demonstrated throughout my professional and public life.


Strong Economic Environment
Richardson has had a consistently strong and increasingly diverse business community, one that provides strong city revenues and important employment opportunities for our citizens.  I have  championed economic growth through my leadership in the Richardson Chamber of Commerce and my role in the promotion of business and partnerships in the technology sector.


Neighborhoods to be proud of
Richardson has been blessed with neighborhoods of all types and sizes reflecting our diverse population and strong family values.  Whether it is our local schools or parks, Richardson has much to be proud of.  The common thread that winds through my active volunteer work at every level in several neighborhoods in Richardson, my representation of The Reserve at Sharp Lane HOA at the city’s monthly meeting of Presidents of neighborhood associations, or my participation in the police department’s active crime patrol, has always been my concern and passion for the welfare of our communities.


Cultural opportunities for everyone
There is more to living in a city than going to work or attending school.  Richardson offers many cultural opportunities through its festivals, events, entertainment venues and alliances with various cultural organizations.   I have volunteered at and enjoyed attending many of these functions with my family while encouraging and promoting sponsorships and corporate participation throughout the Metroplex.  As your Mayor, I intend to strongly support their continued success.