1. Ginger Garrison

    Paul Voelker is my neighbor and our Homeowners’ President.  I have had the opportunity to work with Paul on several committees.  He is an attentive listener of neighbors’ ideas and concerns, offering sensible solutions.  He is trustworthy and dedicated to the projects he works on to improve our neighborhood community.  I know Paul cares deeply about the City of Richardson and its future.  I enthusiastically endorse Paul Voelker for City Council.

  2. Jerri Strong

    “I have had the pleasure of working with Paul in an area that is of great importance to many families in Richardson. That area is crime prevention and safety. Paul is a very active member of the Breckinridge West Crime Watch Patrol.  Paul’s dedication and insightful contributions have helped make the unit stronger and more effective. Through this mutual involvement I have come to know Paul as a dedicated citizen and neighbor, a person I can rely on, and a man with strong ethics. Because of his character, strength, and dedication, I believe Paul will be able to serve Richardson well as a Councilman.”

  3. Art Roberts

    “I have known Paul Voelker for 15 years, and have worked with him and watched him work in a variety of situations. He is a progress oriented, calm influence no matter what the situation. He knows the community of Richardson, and brings the confidence of many business and community leaders. I have the highest confidence in his judgment and character, and I believe he will serve Richardson well as councilman.  I recommend him with no reservations.”